Do you really have the “passion” with your sport?????

First of all , all of us has a passion or hobbies right?? I have a question do you really love your passion or you’re just right they’re going with the trend or in other term you’re the person who is “Yeah right let’s go with the flow”. The person that is just accompanying with the trend. I have this one experience about my passion .Let’s us focus on sports ;BASKETBALL


Because me or you love basketball right?? For me it’s  not only that i love my sport i don’t love my sport because that  is the trending thing today in our society i’m not the person that just  go with the flow. At first i don like basketball but in the near fact i’am not the one who pick this dream my dream pick me and i don’t regret that even though there are so many people who keeps on blaming that I’m a “conceited” person that is “showy”.I don’t mind those words that makes me down . I’d rather raise my self and practice to become stronger and better i don’t mind the word ” Giving Up”. I’d just believe on what i have


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